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Who We Are

Quality Coffee Products, From a Company Who Cares

Coffee is more than just an essential item to us, it’s an opportunity to slow down, take a sip, and do something good for yourself.

Ray Pierre

Ray Pierre
Owner & Founder

Ray In The Office

Our Story

Our founder, Ray Pierre has always had a passion for customer service. He also discovered a passion for a great cup of coffee in his early years, and has been on a mission to combine the two ever since. Ray started Diamond Beverages as a way to connect people to a better coffee experience, and continues to revolutionize the service industry with his genuine hospitality, and attention to detail.

Doing things a little bit better is essential to Diamond Beverages, as Ray continues to prioritize environmentally-friendly, high-quality, and locally made products to ensure your investment in your morning coffee makes a difference.

From our family to yours, we’re so delighted to help provide you with the essentials in all of life’s moments. Whether it’s the easy comfort of an afternoon tea with a friend, the togetherness of warm hot chocolates for family nights in, or the invigorating aroma of brewing coffee before a busy day, Diamond Beverages has something for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the Toronto area with a better way to enjoy their favourite hot beverages.

As coffee enthusiasts, we understand the joy of sipping a carefully crafted cup, and we believe each coffee should showcase the dedication behind it. Our commitment to quality ensures a delightful experience, whether you're trying our products at home or in the office.

As a small business, we value customer support and strive to make a difference in their lives by consistently exceeding expectations. We aim to create lasting memories and foster loyalty through personalized experiences.

We recognize the importance of community and work to establish strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Our mission goes beyond providing excellent coffee products and services, focusing on enriching lives from farm to cup and creating a sustainable, ethical coffee culture in Toronto.

Join our mission to revolutionize Toronto's hot beverage scene and experience the passion in every cup we serve. Together, we'll make a difference—one sip at a time.

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